Jesus calls his disciples to follow him and make him known.  This means that our lives will be shaped like his cross.   The arms of Jesus' cross remind us that he commissions his followers to welcome all people and to go wider into communities with the word and actions of his love. The trunk of Jesus' cross reminds us that God sent his Word down to us that we might know him, going deeper in our relationship with him as we read it, and lifting up our worship to him.

Being a follower of Jesus and making him known is all about going
Wider and Deeper.

It is all about
Welcome, Witness, Word and Worship.



Everyone is welcome at St Mary's.  You can find out more about Sunday services in the 'Sunday Services' section of our website.  But there is so much more to growing as a follower of Jesus than just our Sunday services.  One of our mid-week small groups would be delighted to welcome you.  There are plenty of regular weekday events that welcome our community.  You can check out further details in the 'Weekday Events' section of the website.  Our Church Office is always able to provide details of our latest events aimed at welcoming our community and growing a deeper understanding of how Christian faith might impact our daily lives.  


Jesus' followers all have a role in making Him known to our friends, neighbours, communities and world, whether that be in our actions or through our words.  This means that we can all get involved wherever we are 24/7 as we share life with our family, colleagues and friends.  Any of our staff team would be delighted to have a conversation with you to hear your story and reflect with you about how you might share your faith wherever God has put you.  You can also find out more about how you might join in with the witnessing life of our church under the 'Avonside Mission Area' section of the website and the 'Making Him Known' section.


Jesus is called the Word (John 1) - a person-shaped, down-to-earth, living and breathing message of everything God wanted to share with us.  We read and treasure God's written word, the Bible, because by the power of his Holy Spirit, it helps us to know Jesus better.  The Bible is central to our services, our small groups, and our daily lives.  Why not sample one of our sermons under the 'Latest Media' section of our website?  Or you might want to ask a question about the Bible, what it says, or appreciate some guidance on how you might read it for yourself - for further conversation, please contact Simon Potter at assocvicar@stmarysb.org.uk.


Our gathered worship on Sundays is a high-point of the week which sets us up as Jesus' followers for the week ahead.  Whether you meet with God in more traditional forms of service, contemporary acts of worship, all-age communion, informal family or older youth and adult church, St Mary's has something to offer you.  Check out the 'Sunday Services' section of the website for more information.  Members of the staff team pray together at 9.00am each weekday morning in the James Chapel and you would be very welcome to join this short 30 minute service of prayer and Bible readings.



Office Staff, 02/04/2019