Pastoral Care

All of us will need pastoral care at some point in our lives, wherever we are on our Christian journey, as we face life’s challenges. Those challenges could include:

  • The birth of a baby
  • Starting or changing jobs, university, or school
  • Facing difficulty at work, or financial difficulty
  • Facing mental health difficulties or ‘feeling blue’
  • Experiencing relationship challenges or entering into a new relationship (such as marriage)
  • Illness
  • Retirement 
  • Death and bereavement

As Christians who want to show the love of God, we aim to support people spiritually, practically, and emotionally at these times.


Confidential help

Often that support comes from family, friends, or neighbours, or from a small group we belong to. In addition, the church had a group of people with training in pastoral car who may be able to offer confidential help. The clergy are also available to help. 

Would you like to request prayer?

If you have an urgent need, there can never be enough people praying. Every Sunday after the service, there is a member of the Prayer Ministry team available to pray with you. You can also phone our Ring of Prayer by calling 0117 968 5959 or the church office with your prayer request and that request will be sent confidentially to members of the church who will pray for you. Do call back again when your prayer is answered. There is also a Prayer Tree at the back of the church where you can add a prayer request as a leaf on the tree.

To find out more, contact Rev Jennifer Hall on 0117 968 5959. No one else has access to this number, so it is a safe place to leave a message. Or you can send a prayer request to our prayer team by email at

Or for more general enquiries about pastoral care, you can phone the church office on 0117 968 7449.

Rev. Jennifer Hall
Associate Minister